Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 21.110
Execution of writ by sheriff.

The sheriff shall, in the manner provided for writs of attachments in NRS 31.060, execute the writ against the property of the judgment debtor by levying on a sufficient amount of property, if there is sufficient, collecting or selling the things in action and selling the other property, and paying to the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s attorneys so much of the proceeds as will satisfy the judgment, or depositing the amount with the clerk of the court. Any excess in the proceeds over the judgment and the sheriff’s fees must be returned to the judgment debtor. When there is more property of the judgment debtor than is sufficient to satisfy the judgment and the sheriff’s fees within the view of the sheriff, the sheriff shall levy only on such part of the property as the judgment debtor may indicate; provided:


That the judgment debtor may indicate at the time of the levy such part.


That the property indicated be amply sufficient to satisfy such judgment and fees.

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