Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 21.160
Proceedings after purchaser refuses to pay amount bid.


If a purchaser refuses to pay the amount bid by the purchaser for property struck off to the purchaser at a sale under execution, the officer may again sell the property to the highest bidder, after again giving the notice hereinbefore provided.


If any loss be occasioned from the purchaser refusing to pay his or her bid, the officer may recover the amount of such loss, with costs, for the benefit of the party aggrieved, by motion upon previous notice of 5 days to such purchaser, before any court of competent jurisdiction.


Such court shall proceed in a summary manner in the hearing and disposition of such motion, and give judgment and issue execution therefor forthwith, but the refusing purchaser may claim a jury. And the same proceedings may be had against any subsequent purchaser who shall refuse to pay, and the officer may, in his or her discretion, thereafter reject the bid of any person so refusing.


Subsections 1, 2 and 3 shall not be construed to make the officer liable for any more than the amount bid by the second or subsequent purchaser and the amount collected from the purchaser refusing to pay.

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