Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 21.100
Collections of minerals, art curiosities and paleontological remains exempt from execution.


Any bona fide owner of a collection or cabinet of metal-bearing ores, geological specimens, art curiosities, or paleontological remains who shall properly arrange, classify, number and catalog in a suitable book or books of reference any such collection of ores, specimens, curiosities or remains, whether the same be kept at a private residence or in a public hall or in a place of public business or traffic, shall be entitled to hold the same exempt from execution as other property is exempted from execution under the provisions of NRS 21.090.


The owner of any collection or cabinet as described in subsection 1 shall keep constantly at or near such collection or cabinet, for free inspection of all visitors who may desire to examine the same, written or printed catalogs as provided in subsection 1. Any person owning such collection or cabinet who fails or neglects to comply with the provisions of this section shall forfeit all right to hold such collection or cabinet exempt from legal execution as provided herein.


Nothing in this section shall be construed so as to exempt from execution any numismatic collection, such as gold and silver coins, paper currency, bank notes, legal tender currency, national or state bonds, or any negotiable note, or valuable copper, bronze, nickel, platinum or other coin.

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