Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 21.027
Writ to levy on property in safe-deposit box at financial institution: Separate writ required; service of notice of writ; effect of writ.


If a writ of execution or garnishment is levied on property in a safe-deposit box maintained at a financial institution, a separate writ must be issued from any writ that is issued to levy on an account of the judgment debtor with the financial institution. Notice of the writ must be served personally on the financial institution and promptly thereafter on any third person who is named on the safe-deposit box.


During the period in which the writ of execution or garnishment is in effect, the financial institution must not allow the contents of the safe-deposit box to be removed other than as directed by the sheriff or by court order.


The sheriff may allow the person in whose name the safe-deposit box is held to open the safe-deposit box so that the contents may be removed pursuant to the levy. The financial institution may refuse to allow the forcible opening of the safe-deposit box to allow the removal of the property levied upon unless the judgment creditor pays in advance the cost of forcibly opening the safe-deposit box and of repairing any damage caused thereby.

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