Nevada Trade Regulations and Practices
Sec. § 598A.130
Investigative demands: Immunity from criminal prosecution.


If a natural person refuses to make written answer, testify or produce evidence pursuant to a written investigative demand on the ground he or she may be incriminated thereby, any district court of the State of Nevada, upon the ex parte application of the Attorney General may order, in the name of the State of Nevada, that the natural person be released from all liability to be prosecuted or punished on account of any testimony or other evidence he or she may be required to produce.


Except as provided in subsection 3, such order of immunity shall forever be a bar to prosecution against the witness for any offense shown in whole or in part by such testimony or other evidence.


Immunity obtained pursuant to this section shall not:


Exempt any person from prosecution for perjury committed in the giving of such testimony; or


Prevent the Attorney General or a civil litigant from instituting civil proceedings against any person who violates the provisions of this chapter.
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