Nevada Trade Regulations and Practices
Sec. § 598A.100
Investigative demands: Issuance by Attorney General; service; contents; privileged information.


Whenever the Attorney General has reasonable cause to believe that any person has information or is in possession, custody or control of any document or other tangible evidence relevant to an investigation for violation of any provision of this chapter, he or she may issue in writing and cause to be served upon that person, before bringing any action concerning such violation or suspected violation, an investigative demand to:


Appear and be examined under oath;


Answer written interrogatories under oath; or


Produce the document or other tangible evidence for inspection and copying.


The demand shall:


Be served upon the person in the manner required for service of process in this state or by certified mail with return receipt requested.


State the section or sections of this chapter, alleged to have been violated and the general nature of the investigation.


Describe the class or classes of documents or other tangible evidence with sufficient definiteness to permit them to be fairly identified.


Contain a copy of the written interrogatories, if any.


Prescribe a time at which the person must appear to testify, within which to answer the written interrogatories or produce the documents or other tangible evidence, but inspection of documentary material or other tangible evidence may be carried out at the place where the documents or evidence are located when the production of the material would be burdensome to the person investigated or where such visitorial investigation would be preferred by the Attorney General.


Specify a place for the taking of testimony or for production of evidence and identify the person who is to take custody of the document or other tangible evidence for the purposes of inspection or copying.


A written investigative demand shall not require the submission of any privileged documentary material or testimony.
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