Nevada Trade Regulations and Practices
Sec. § 598A.040
Applicability of chapter.

The provisions of this chapter do not apply to:


Any labor, agricultural or horticultural organizations organized for the purpose of self-help and not for profit to itself nor to individual members thereof, while lawfully carrying out its legitimate objects.


Bona fide religious and charitable activities of any nonprofit corporation, trust or organization established exclusively for religious or charitable purposes.


Conduct which is expressly authorized, regulated or approved by:


A statute of this State or of the United States;


An ordinance of any city or county of this State, except for ordinances relating to video service providers; or


An administrative agency of this State or of the United States or of a city or county of this State, having jurisdiction of the subject matter.


Conduct or agreements relating to rates, fares, classifications, divisions, allowances or charges, including charges between carriers and compensation paid or received for the use of facilities and equipment, that are authorized, regulated or approved by the Nevada Transportation Authority pursuant to chapter 706 of NRS.


Restrictive covenants:


Which are part of a contract of sale for a business and which bar the seller of the business from competing with the purchaser of the business sold within a reasonable market area for a reasonable period of time; or


Which are part of a commercial shopping center lease and which bar the parties from permitting or engaging in the furnishing of certain services or the sale of certain commodities within the commercial shopping center where such leased premises are located.
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