Nevada Trade Regulations and Practices
Sec. § 598A.030
Legislative declaration.


The Legislature hereby finds that:


The free, open and competitive production and sale of commodities and services is necessary to the economic well-being of the citizens of the State of Nevada.


The acts of persons which result in the restraint of trade and commerce:


Act to destroy free and open competition in our market system and, thereby, result in increased costs and the deterioration in quality of commodities and services to the citizens of the State of Nevada.


Result in economic hardships in the form of increased consumer prices and increased taxes upon many citizens of the State of Nevada least able to bear such increased costs.


It is the policy of this state and the purpose of this chapter to:


Prohibit acts in restraint of trade or commerce, except where properly regulated as provided by law.


Preserve and protect the free, open and competitive nature of our market system.


Penalize all persons engaged in such anticompetitive practices to the full extent allowed by law, in accordance with the penalties provided herein.
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