Nevada Trade Regulations and Practices
Sec. § 598A.060
Prohibited acts.


Every activity enumerated in this subsection constitutes a contract, combination or conspiracy in restraint of trade, and it is unlawful to conduct any part of any such activity in this State:


Price fixing, which consists of raising, depressing, fixing, pegging or stabilizing the price of any commodity or service, and which includes, but is not limited to:


Agreements among competitors to depress prices at which they will buy essential raw material for the end product.


Agreements to establish prices for commodities or services.


Agreements to establish uniform discounts, or to eliminate discounts.


Agreements between manufacturers to price a premium commodity a specified amount above inferior commodities.


Agreements not to sell below cost.


Agreements to establish uniform trade-in allowances.


Establishment of uniform cost surveys.


Establishment of minimum markup percentages.


Establishment of single or multiple basing point systems for determining the delivered price of commodities.


Agreements not to advertise prices.


Agreements among competitors to fix uniform list prices as a place to start bargaining.


Bid rigging, including the misuse of bid depositories, foreclosures of competitive activity for a period of time, rotation of jobs among competitors, submission of identical bids, and submission of complementary bids not intended to secure acceptance by the customer.


Agreements to discontinue a product, or agreements with anyone engaged in the manufacture of competitive lines to limit size, styles or quantities of items comprising the lines.


Agreements to restrict volume of production.


Division of markets, consisting of agreements between competitors to divide territories and to refrain from soliciting or selling in certain areas.


Allocation of customers, consisting of agreements not to sell to specified customers of a competitor.


Tying arrangements, consisting of contracts in which the seller or lessor conditions the sale or lease of commodities or services on the purchase or leasing of another commodity or service.


Monopolization of trade or commerce in this State, including, without limitation, attempting to monopolize or otherwise combining or conspiring to monopolize trade or commerce in this State.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, consolidation, conversion, merger, acquisition of shares of stock or other equity interest, directly or indirectly, of another person engaged in commerce in this State or the acquisition of any assets of another person engaged in commerce in this State that may:


Result in the monopolization of trade or commerce in this State or would further any attempt to monopolize trade or commerce in this State; or


Substantially lessen competition or be in restraint of trade.


The provisions of paragraph (f) of subsection 1 do not:


Apply to a person who, solely for an investment purpose, purchases stock or other equity interest or assets of another person if the purchaser does not use his or her acquisition to bring about or attempt to bring about the substantial lessening of competition in this State.


Prevent a person who is engaged in commerce in this State from forming a subsidiary corporation or other business organization and owning and holding all or part of the stock or equity interest of that corporation or organization.
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