Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 3.280
Clerk to keep register of civil actions.


The clerk shall keep among the records of the court a register of actions. The clerk shall enter therein the title of the action, if in district court, and the clerk may enter therein the title of the action in any other court, with brief notes under it, from time to time, of all papers filed and proceedings had therein.


For an alternate method of maintaining the register-of-actions record provided in subsection 1, the clerk of the district court may maintain an effective register of actions by means of photographing, microphotographing or mechanically or electronically storing the whole of all papers and records, necessary to the keeping of a register of actions, so long as the following control criteria of public recordkeeping is extant:


The completeness and chronological sequence of registry are not disturbed;


All such reproductions are placed in convenient and accessible files;


Provisions are made for preserving, examining and using such files; and


The initial register of actions in book or loose-leaf-book form is maintained for the purpose of assuring the commencement of actions serially, entering plaintiff, defendant, intervener or applicant, or the parties in ex rel., in the title together with attorneys of record in each case, and entering thereafter under each case only such documents by notation as have filing fees required to be paid or notation of waiver of the fees.
Ê This subsection shall not be construed to be inconsistent with the laws, rules or district judge’s orders pertaining to control and custody of district court records.

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