Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 3.220
Equal coextensive and concurrent jurisdiction.

The district judges shall possess equal coextensive and concurrent jurisdiction and power. They each shall have power to hold court in any county of this State. They each shall exercise and perform the powers, duties and functions of the court and of judges thereof and of judges at chambers. The decision in an action or proceeding may be written or signed at any place in the State by the judge who acted on the trial and may be forwarded to and filed by the clerk, who shall thereupon enter judgment as directed in the decision, or judgment may be rendered in open court, and, if so rendered, shall be entered by the clerk accordingly. If the public business requires, each judge may try causes and transact judicial business in the same county at the same time. Each judge shall have power to transact business which may be done in chambers at any point within the State, and court shall be held in each county at least once in every 6 months and as often and as long as the business of the county requires. All of this section is subject to the provision that each judge may direct and control the business in his or her own district and shall see that it is properly performed.

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