Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 3.275
Clerk to obtain and maintain information regarding cases.


The clerk of each district court shall obtain and file information necessary to complete the report of statistical information required by NRS 3.243, including, without limitation, information relating to the referral of a criminal case to a specialty court program, using the case management system provided by the Court Administrator.


The clerk shall provide a form approved by the Court Administrator for obtaining the information required by subsection 1 for each civil case filed in the district court. No civil case may be filed in the district court unless the initial pleading is accompanied by the form, signed by the initiating party or his or her representative.


The clerk shall maintain information concerning the disposition of each criminal and civil case and, if applicable, whether a criminal defendant successfully completed the specialty court program to which he or she was referred.


The clerk shall maintain the information described in this section in a manner that allows the retrieval of statistics relating to each criminal and civil action filed in the district courts as required to complete the report required by NRS 3.243.

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