Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 3.100
District court to be held at county seat; exceptions; courtroom, office and facilities to be provided by county.


Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the district courts shall hold court at the county seat of their respective counties. The board of county commissioners may establish one or more additional locations within the county for the district court to hold court.


If a room for holding court at the county seat is not provided by the county, together with attendants, fuel, lights and stationery, suitable and sufficient for the transaction of business, the court may direct the sheriff to provide such room, attendants, fuel, lights and stationery, and the expenses thereof shall be a county charge.


An office at each county seat must be provided and furnished by and at the expense of the several counties for the several district judges. Whenever the county commissioners of any county neglect or refuse to provide and furnish such an office for the use of the district judge, the district judge may make an order, which must be entered upon the minutes of the court, requiring the sheriff to provide and furnish the office. The necessary expenses incurred therein are a legal and valid claim against the county.

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