Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.163
Selection of delegates and alternates to national party convention and members of national committee by state convention in presidential election year.


In presidential election years, on the call of a national party convention, but one set of party conventions and but one state convention shall be held on such respective dates and at such places as the state central committee of the party shall designate. If no earlier dates are fixed, the state convention shall be held 30 days before the date set for the national convention and the county conventions shall be held 60 days before the date set for the national convention.


Delegates to such conventions shall be selected in the same manner as prescribed in NRS 293.130 to 293.160, inclusive, and each convention shall have and exercise all of the power granted it under NRS 293.130 to 293.160, inclusive. In addition to such powers granted it, the state convention shall select the necessary delegates and alternates to the national convention of the party and, if consistent with the rules and regulations of the party, shall select the national committeeman and committeewoman of the party from the State of Nevada.

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