Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.135
Precinct meetings of registered voters before county convention: Time and place; notice.


The county central committee of each major political party in each county shall have a precinct meeting of the registered voters of the party residing in each voting precinct entitled to delegates in the county convention called and held on the dates set for the precinct meeting by the respective state central committees in each year in which a general election is held.


The meeting must be held in one of the following places in the following order of preference:


Any public building within the precinct if the meeting is for a single precinct, or any public building which is in reasonable proximity to the precincts and will accommodate a meeting of two or more precincts; or


Any private building within the precinct or one of the precincts.


The county central committee shall give notice of the meeting by:


Posting in a conspicuous place outside the building where the meeting is to be held; and


Publishing in one or more newspapers of general circulation in the precinct, published in the county, if any are so published,
Ê on the date set for giving notice of the meeting by the respective state central committees.


The notice must be printed in conspicuous display advertising format of not less than 10 column inches, and must include the following language, or words of similar import:
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Notice to All Voters Registered
in the (State Name of Major Political Party)
Nevada state law requires each major political party, in every year during which a general election is held, to have a precinct meeting held for each precinct. All persons registered in the party and residing in the precinct are entitled to attend the precinct meeting. Delegates to your party’s county convention will be elected at the meeting by those in attendance. Set forth below are the time and place at which your precinct meeting will be held, together with the number of delegates to be elected from each precinct. If you wish to participate in the organization of your party for the coming 2 years, attend your precinct meeting.
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The notice must specify:


The date, time and place of the meeting; and


The number of delegates to the county convention to be chosen at the meeting.

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