Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.150
State conventions: Place and actions; additional conventions.


The delegates elected to the state convention of each major political party by the several county conventions of that party shall convene on such respective dates as the state central committees of the parties designate in each year in which the general election is to be held, at the State Capital, or at such other place in the State as the state central committee of that party designates. The delegates shall there organize, adopt a state party platform, and elect a state central committee for that party for the ensuing term and the chair thereof.


The state central committee of each major political party may convene additional state conventions of its party at such times and places as it designates during the period between the state conventions, as provided in subsection 1, and the next ensuing precinct meetings, as provided in NRS 293.135. The composition of the delegates at those conventions must be the same as that certified pursuant to subsection 3 of NRS 293.140.

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