Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.137
Election of delegates to county convention; procedure if precinct fails to elect delegates; certificates given to elected delegates; state central committee to adopt written procedural rules.


Promptly at the time and place appointed therefor, the mass meeting must be convened and organized for each precinct. If access to the premises appointed for any such meeting is not available, the meeting may be convened at an accessible place immediately adjacent thereto. The meeting must be conducted openly and publicly and in such a manner that it is freely accessible to any registered voter of the party calling the meeting who resides in the precinct and is desirous of attending the meeting, until the meeting is adjourned. At the meeting, the delegates to which the members of the party residing in the precinct are entitled in the party’s county convention must be elected pursuant to the rules of the state central committee of that party. In presidential election years, the election of delegates may be a part of expressing preferences for candidates for the party’s nomination for President of the United States if the rules of the party permit such conduct. The result of the election must be certified to the county convention of the party by the chair and the secretary of the meeting upon the forms specified in subsection 3.


At the precinct meetings, the delegates and alternates to the party’s convention must be elected. If a meeting is not held for a particular precinct at the location specified, that precinct must be without representation at the county convention unless the meeting was scheduled, with proper notice, and no registered voter of the party appeared. In that case, the meeting shall be deemed to have been held and the position of delegate is vacant. If a position of delegate is vacant, it must be filled by the designated alternate, if any. If there is no designated alternate, the vacancy must be filled pursuant to the rules of the party, if the rules of the party so provide, or, if the rules of the party do not so provide, the county central committee shall appoint a delegate from among the qualified members of the party residing in the precinct in which the vacancy occurred, and the secretary of the county central committee shall certify the appointed delegate to the county convention.


The county central committee shall prepare and number serially a number of certificate forms equal to the total number of delegates to be elected throughout the county, and deliver the appropriate number to each precinct meeting. Each certificate must be in duplicate. The original must be given to the elected delegate, and the duplicate transmitted to the county central committee.


All duplicates must be delivered to the chair of the preliminary credentials committee of the county convention. Every delegate who presents a certificate matching one of the duplicates must be seated without dispute.


Each state central committee shall adopt written rules governing, but not limited to, the following procedures:


The selection, rights and duties of committees of a convention;


Challenges to credentials of delegates; and


Majority and minority reports of committees.

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