Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.140
County conventions: Manner of organization; authorized action of delegates.


At a time and date set by the respective state central committees in each year in which a general election is to be held, the delegates so elected to each party county convention shall convene at the county seat, or at such other place in the county as the county central committee shall designate, and there organize, elect the delegates to which the registered voters of the party residing in the county are entitled in the state convention of the party, and elect the members of the county central committee of their party for the ensuing term. They may also adopt a county platform and take such other action, consistent with the provisions of this chapter, pertaining to the affairs of their party in that county, as they may deem proper.


The manner of organizing each convention must be as follows:


The county central committee shall, before the date of the convention, designate a preliminary credentials committee to examine the credentials of all persons claiming to be delegates. All such persons whose credentials are not in dispute must be seated as delegates.


The persons so seated shall elect a temporary chair, who shall appoint a temporary secretary and a credentials committee to examine and report on all cases of disputed credentials.


When all such disputes have been determined, the convention shall complete its organization and adopt its agenda.


The chair and the secretary of each county convention shall certify to the state convention the result of the election by the county convention of delegates to the state convention.

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