Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 281.1575
Commission to Review Compensation: Duties.


The Commission shall:


Review the compensation paid to constitutional officers, Supreme Court justices, judges of the Court of Appeals, district judges and elected county officers.


Review the compensation paid to the members of the Legislature during and between legislative sessions.


Hold public hearings to discuss the issues and receive public comment.


If it determines that changes in legislation are required, request the assistance of the Legislative Counsel in the preparation of a bill draft on or before November 15 of each even-numbered year. Upon completion of the bill draft, the Legislative Counsel shall deliver the bill draft to the appropriate standing committee of the Assembly or Senate within the first week of the next regular legislative session for introduction.


In reviewing the issues of compensation required by subsection 1, the Commission shall:


Compare the current salaries of persons with similar qualifications who are employed by the State of Nevada and in the public sector;


Determine the minimum salary required to attract and retain experienced and competent persons; and


Consider the average number of days that Legislators serve during their term, the amount of work required of Legislators when the Legislature is not in regular session, and the opportunities they have to earn additional income from outside sources.


The Commission may recommend that any increase in the compensation of a county officer apply retroactively if not prohibited by law.

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