Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 281.121
Compensation for employees required to wear uniforms.

On or after July 1, 1985:


An employee of the State of Nevada who is required to purchase and wear a uniform while performing the employee’s duties is entitled to receive from the employer of the employee each quarter an allowance which is equal to one-fourth of the cost of the uniform the employee is required to wear, including the cost of any required accessories such as a flashlight, gun or whistle. The employer shall determine the cost of the required uniform and accessories at the beginning of each quarter and determine the allowance accordingly.


In addition to the quarterly allowance, a person who:


Is hired by the State of Nevada for a position; or


Assumes a position which is new to that person,
Ê for which the person is required to purchase and wear a uniform is entitled to an initial reimbursement for the cost of one uniform and any required accessories.


An employer must obtain the prior approval of the Budget Division of the Office of Finance before designating a uniform to be worn by an employee pursuant to subsection 1.

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