Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 281.1233
Procedure for state agency to obtain exception to limitation on salary.


The Interim Finance Committee may approve applications from agencies of the State for exceptions to limitations on salaries which are expressed as percentages of salaries paid to another person or authorized for another position.


The chief officer of a state agency may submit applications for exceptions for any person or position within the agency to the Governor who shall review and transmit them with the Governor’s recommendation to the Interim Finance Committee.


The Interim Finance Committee may approve an exception under this section if it finds that:


If the application is for a particular officer or employee, the person has exhibited exceptional qualifications or ability; or


If the application is for a position, the position requires unusual skill, ability, knowledge or some other quality, and that under statutory salary limitations there is no qualified person seeking to fill the position.


The Interim Finance Committee shall return an application for a state officer, employee or position to the chief officer of the agency with its approval or disapproval and, if it has approved the exception, make an allocation from the Contingency Account in the State General Fund, unless the exception is to begin on or after July 1 of an odd-numbered year and provision has been made in the agency budget for the increase in salary.

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