Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 281.130
Salaries and fees of public officers and employees subject to attachment, garnishment and execution; fraudulent assignment void; restriction on running of statute of limitations.


The fees and salaries of all persons holding office or positions of profit under the government of the State of Nevada, or under any county, township, city, town or school district within the State, shall be subject to attachment and execution for all debts and liabilities created or incurred by such officials or other persons. All assignments, sales or transfers of such fees and salaries, previous to becoming due, unless made in good faith and not to defraud creditors, shall be void as against all such debts and liabilities.


In case of the garnishment or attachment of any auditor, treasurer or disbursing officer, under the provisions of this section, such officer so garnished or holding the funds or property attached may pay the sum named, or deliver the property named in the garnishment or attachment, into the court issuing the same, taking the receipt of the court therefor, which shall be a full release of the disbursing officer from the garnishment or attachment.


The statute of limitations shall not run against any indebtedness of such officer or person, existing at the time the officer or person entered upon the duties of such office or position, during the time such office or position shall be held.

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