Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 281.1571
Commission to Review Compensation: Creation; composition.


There is hereby created a Commission to Review the Compensation of Constitutional Officers, Legislators, Supreme Court Justices, Judges of the Court of Appeals, District Judges and Elected County Officers, consisting of nine members.


The members must be appointed by the following persons:


One member by the Speaker of the Assembly.


One member by the Majority Leader of the Senate.


One member by the Minority Leader of the Assembly.


One member by the Minority Leader of the Senate.


Two members by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.


Three members by the Governor.


The Commission shall elect a Chair and such other officers as it deems necessary from among its members.


A current officer or employee of the State or any of its political subdivisions must not be appointed as a member of the Commission.


The members appointed by the Governor must be selected in the following manner:


Two members, one from each congressional district, who do not belong to the same political party.


One member from a list of three nominees submitted by the Nevada Association of Counties.

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