Nevada Juvenile Justice

Sec. § 62E.600
Program of restitution through work: Eligibility; provision of insurance against liability.


The juvenile court may order a delinquent child to participate in a program of restitution through work that is established pursuant to NRS 62E.580 if the child:


Is 14 years of age or older;


Has never been adjudicated delinquent for an unlawful act that involved the use or threatened use of force or violence against a victim and has never been found to have committed such an unlawful act in any other jurisdiction, unless the juvenile court determines that the child would benefit from the program;


Is ordered to provide restitution to a victim; and


Voluntarily agrees to participate in the program of restitution through work.


If the juvenile court orders a child to participate in a program of restitution through work, the juvenile court must not order the child or the parent or guardian of the child to pay the costs associated with the participation of the child in the program. Unless the parent or guardian of the child signs a waiver of liability, the program or the entity for which the child performs the work, as applicable, shall provide policies of insurance against liability for personal injury and damage to property or industrial insurance, or both, during those periods in which the child participates in the program or performs work.

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