Nevada Juvenile Justice

Sec. § 62E.175
Power of juvenile court to establish restitution contribution fund.


The juvenile court may establish, with the county treasurer as custodian, a special fund to be known as the restitution contribution fund.


The juvenile court may apply for and accept grants, gifts, donations, bequests or devises which the director of juvenile services shall deposit with the county treasurer for credit to the fund.


The fund must be a separate and continuing fund, and no money in the fund reverts to the general fund of the county at any time. The interest earned on the money in the fund, after deducting any applicable charges, must be credited to the fund.


The juvenile court shall:


Expend money from the fund only to provide restitution to a victim of an unlawful act committed by a child; and


If the source of the money is a grant, gift, donation, bequest or devise, expend the money, to the extent permitted by law, in accordance with the terms of the grant, gift, donation, bequest or devise.


The juvenile court must authorize any expenditure from the fund before it is made.
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