Nevada Juvenile Justice
Sec. § 62E.410
Initial admonition and referral; conditions before adjudication; inapplicability to habitual truant.


If a petition is filed alleging that a child is in need of supervision and the child previously has not been found to be within the purview of this title, the juvenile court:


Shall admonish the child to obey the law and to refrain from repeating the acts for which the petition was filed;


Shall maintain a record of the admonition;


Shall refer the child to services available in the community for counseling, behavioral modification and social adjustment; and


Shall not adjudicate the child to be in need of supervision, unless a subsequent petition based upon additional facts is filed with the juvenile court after admonition and referral pursuant to this subsection.


If a child is not subject to the provisions of subsection 1, the juvenile court may not adjudicate the child to be in need of supervision unless the juvenile court expressly finds that reasonable efforts were taken in the community to assist the child in ceasing the behavior for which the child is alleged to be in need of supervision.


The provisions of this section do not apply to a child who is alleged to be in need of supervision because the child is a habitual truant.
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