Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 6.160
Payment of jurors.

The clerk of the court in cases in the district court and the deputy clerk of the justice court in cases in the justice court shall keep a payroll, enrolling thereon the names of all jurors, the number of days in attendance and the actual number of miles traveled by the shortest and most practical route in going to and returning from the place where the court is held, and at the conclusion of a trial may:


Give a statement of the amounts due to the jurors to the county auditor, who shall draw warrants upon the county treasurer for the payment thereof; or


Make an immediate payment in cash of the amount owing to each juror.
Ê These payments must be made from and to the extent allowed by the fees collected from the demanding party, pursuant to the provisions of NRS 6.150, and from and to the extent allowed by any other fees which have been collected pursuant to law. The clerk shall obtain from each juror so paid a receipt signed by him or her and indicating the date of payment, the date of service and the amount paid. A duplicate of this receipt must be immediately delivered to the appropriate county auditor, county recorder or county comptroller.

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