Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 6.030
Grounds for excusing jurors.


The court may at any time temporarily excuse any juror on account of:


Sickness or physical disability.


Serious illness or death of a member of the juror’s immediate family.


Undue hardship or extreme inconvenience.


Public necessity.


In addition to the reasons set forth in subsection 1, the court may at any time temporarily excuse a person who provides proof that the person is the primary caregiver of another person who has a documented medical condition which requires the assistance of another person at all times.


A person temporarily excused shall appear for jury service as the court may direct.


The court shall permanently excuse any person from service as a juror if the person is incapable, by reason of a permanent physical or mental disability, of rendering satisfactory service as a juror. The court may require the prospective juror to submit a certificate completed by a physician or an advanced practice registered nurse licensed pursuant to NRS 632.237 concerning the nature and extent of the disability and the certifying physician or advanced practice registered nurse may be required to testify concerning the disability when the court so directs.

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