Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 6.090
Procedures for forming panel; duties of sheriff and jury commissioner.


Whenever trial jurors are selected by a jury commissioner, the district judge may direct the jury commissioner to summon and assign to that court the number of qualified jurors the jury commissioner determines to be necessary for the formation of the petit jury. The jurors may be selected by computer whenever procedures to assure random selection from computerized lists have been established by the jury commissioner.


Every person named in the venire must be served by the sheriff personally or by the sheriff or the jury commissioner by mailing a summons to the person, commanding the person to attend as a juror at a time and place designated therein. Mileage is allowed only for personal service. The postage must be paid by the sheriff or the jury commissioner, as the case may be, and allowed him or her as other claims against the county. The sheriff shall make return of the venire at least the day before the day named for their appearance, after which the venire is subject to inspection by any officer or attorney of the court.

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