Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 6.120
Counties whose population is less than 100,000: Selection of jurors and alternate jurors; listing and summoning jurors.


In any county having a population of less than 100,000, the county clerk under the supervision of the district judge, shall randomly select the names of 50 qualified persons to serve as prospective grand jurors. The county clerk shall then prepare and mail to each person whose name was selected a questionnaire drawn up by the district judge or presiding district judge, where applicable, stating the amount of pay, the estimated time required to serve, and the duties to be performed. Each recipient of the questionnaire shall be requested to return the questionnaire, indicating on it his or her willingness to serve on the jury. The county clerk shall continue the selection of names and mailing of questionnaires until a panel of 36 persons who are willing to serve is established. The requirement of subsection 1 of NRS 6.110 that a grand jury must be called at least once in every 4 years does not apply to the county unless the district judge otherwise directs. A list of the names of the 36 persons who indicate their willingness to serve as grand jurors must be made and certified by the county clerk and filed in the county clerk’s office, and the clerk shall immediately issue a venire, directed to the sheriff of the county, commanding the sheriff to summon the persons willing to serve as grand jurors to attend in court at such time as the district judge may have directed.


The sheriff shall summon the grand jurors, and out of the number summoned each district judge in rotation according to seniority, shall select one name from the venire until 17 persons to constitute the grand jury and 12 persons to act as alternate grand jurors are chosen.


Every person named in the venire as a grand juror shall be served by the sheriff mailing a summons to that person commanding the person to attend as a juror at a time and place designated therein, which summons shall be registered or certified and deposited in the post office addressed to the person at his or her usual post office address. The receipt of the person addressed for the registered or certified summons must be regarded as personal service of the summons upon that person and no mileage may be allowed for service. The postage and fee for registered or certified mail must be paid by the sheriff and allowed him or her as other claims against the county.


If for any reason a person selected as a grand juror is unable to serve on the grand jury until the completion of its business, the district judge shall select one of the alternate grand jurors to serve in his or her place. The alternate shall be served by the sheriff in the manner provided in subsection 3.

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