Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 6.130
Permissible summoning of grand jury by filing of affidavit or petition by taxpayer.


In any county, if the statute of limitations has not run against the person offending, the district judge may summon a grand jury after an affidavit or verified petition by any taxpayer of the county accompanied by and with corroborating affidavits of at least two additional persons has been filed with the clerk of the district court, setting forth reasonable evidence upon which a belief is based that there has been a misappropriation of public money or property by a public officer, past or present, or any fraud committed against the county or state by any officer, past or present, or any violation of trust by any officer, past or present. The district judge shall act upon the affidavit or petition within 5 days. If he or she fails or refuses to recall or summon a grand jury, the affiant or petitioner may proceed as provided in NRS 6.140.


If there is a grand jury in recess, the court shall recall that grand jury. If there is not a grand jury in recess, a new grand jury must be summoned.

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