Nevada Public Welfare

Sec. § 422.580
Civil penalties for certain violations; liability of provider for excess amount unknowingly accepted; enforcement; use of money collected as penalty or repayment.


A provider who receives payment to which the provider is not entitled by reason of a violation of NRS 422.540, 422.550, 422.560 or 422.570 is liable for:


An amount equal to three times the amount unlawfully obtained;


Not less than $5,000 for each false claim, statement or representation;


An amount equal to three times the total of the reasonable expenses incurred by the State in enforcing this section; and


Payment of interest on the amount of the excess payment at the rate fixed pursuant to NRS 99.040 for the period from the date upon which payment was made to the date upon which repayment is made pursuant to the Plan.


A criminal action need not be brought against the provider before civil liability attaches under this section.


A provider who unknowingly accepts a payment in excess of the amount to which the provider is entitled is liable for the repayment of the excess amount. It is a defense to any action brought pursuant to this subsection that the provider returned or attempted to return the amount which was in excess of that to which the provider was entitled within a reasonable time after receiving it.


The Attorney General shall cause appropriate legal action to be taken on behalf of the State to enforce the provisions of this section.


Any penalty or repayment of money collected pursuant to this section is hereby appropriated to provide medical aid to the indigent through programs administered by the Department.

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