Nevada Public Welfare

Sec. § 422.2372
General and miscellaneous powers and duties.

The Administrator shall:


Supply the Director with material on which to base proposed legislation.


Cooperate with the Federal Government and state governments for the more effective attainment of the purposes of this chapter.


Coordinate the activities of the Division with other agencies, both public and private, with related or similar activities.


Keep a complete and accurate record of all proceedings, record and file all bonds and contracts, and assume responsibility for the custody and preservation of all papers and documents pertaining to the office of the Administrator.


Inform the public in regard to the activities and operation of the Division, and provide other information which will acquaint the public with the financing of Medicaid programs.


Conduct studies into the causes of the social problems with which the Division is concerned.


Invoke any legal, equitable or special procedures for the enforcement of orders issued by the Administrator or the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter.


Exercise any other powers that are necessary and proper for the standardization of state work, to expedite business and to promote the efficiency of the service provided by the Division.

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