Nevada Public Welfare

Sec. § 422.29306
Imposition and release of lien on property of recipient of Medicaid.


The Department may, to the extent not prohibited by federal law, petition for the imposition of a lien pursuant to the provisions of NRS 108.850 against real or personal property of a recipient of Medicaid as follows:


The Department may obtain a lien against a recipient’s property, both real or personal, before or after the death of the recipient in the amount of assistance paid or to be paid on behalf of the recipient if the court determines that assistance was incorrectly paid for the recipient.


The Department may seek a lien against the real property of a recipient at any age before the death of the recipient in the amount of assistance paid or to be paid for the recipient if the recipient is an inpatient in a nursing facility, intermediate care facility for persons with intellectual disabilities or other medical institution and the Department determines, after notice and opportunity for a hearing in accordance with applicable regulations, that the recipient cannot reasonably be expected to be discharged and return home.


No lien may be placed on a recipient’s home pursuant to paragraph (b) of subsection 1 for assistance correctly paid if:


His or her spouse;


His or her child who is under 21 years of age, blind or disabled as determined in accordance with 42 U.S.C. § 1382c; or


His or her brother or sister who is an owner or part owner of the home and who was residing in the home for at least 1 year immediately before the date the recipient was admitted to the medical institution,
Ê is lawfully residing in the home.


Upon the death of a recipient, the Department may seek a lien upon the recipient’s undivided estate as defined in NRS 422.054.


The amount of the lien recovery must be based on the value of the real or personal property at the time of sale of the property.


The Director shall release a lien pursuant to this section:


Upon notice by the recipient or the representative of the recipient to the Director that the recipient has been discharged from the medical institution and has returned home;


If the lien was incorrectly determined; or


Upon satisfaction of the claim of the Department.
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