Nevada Public Welfare

Sec. § 422.385
Disproportionate share payments from Medicaid Budget Account; transfer of money from Intergovernmental Transfer Account.


The disproportionate share payments made to hospitals must be made, to the extent allowed by the State Plan for Medicaid, from the Medicaid Budget Account.


The money in the Intergovernmental Transfer Account must be transferred from that Account to the Medicaid Budget Account to the extent that money is available from the Federal Government for proposed expenditures, including expenditures for administrative costs. If the amount in the Account exceeds the amount authorized for expenditure by the Division for the purposes of making disproportionate share payments, the Division is authorized to expend the additional revenue in accordance with the provisions of the State Plan for Medicaid.


If enough money is available to support Medicaid and to make the disproportionate share payments, money in the Intergovernmental Transfer Account may be transferred:


To an account established for the provision of health care services to uninsured children pursuant to a federal program in which at least 50 percent of the cost of such services is paid for by the Federal Government, including, without limitation, the Children’s Health Insurance Program; or


To carry out the provisions of NRS 439B.350 and 439B.360.

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