Nevada Public Welfare

Sec. § 422.063
State plans for certain programs: Development, adoption and revision by Director; Division required to comply.


The Director shall adopt each state plan required by the Federal Government, either directly or as a condition to the receipt of federal money, for the administration of any public assistance or other program for which the Division is responsible. Such a plan must set forth, regarding the particular program to which the plan applies:


The requirements for eligibility;


The nature and amounts of grants and other assistance which may be provided;


The conditions imposed; and


Such other provisions relating to the development and administration of the program as the Director deems necessary.


In developing and revising such a plan, the Director shall consider, among other things:


The amount of money available from the Federal Government;


The conditions attached to the acceptance of that money; and


The limitations of legislative appropriations and authorizations,
Ê for the particular program to which the plan applies.


The Division shall comply with each state plan adopted pursuant to this section.

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