Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31.450
Issuance of writ of garnishment after judgment; procedure; liberal construction.

Any person having a judgment remaining unsatisfied in any court of record in the State, upon which execution has been issued and delivered, and which remains in the hands of the proper officer uncollected and unsatisfied, may, without application to the court, have a writ of garnishment issued, and thereupon attach the credits, effects, debts, choses in action and other personal property of the judgment debtor in the possession or under the control of any third person as garnishee, for the security of such judgment, and all rights, remedies and proceedings under this chapter are hereby made specifically available and applicable for the relief and security of such judgment creditor, the same as for a plaintiff in attachment, and the same are also made especially available and applicable for the protection and security of the judgment debtor and the garnishee, the same as for the defendant and garnishee in attachment; and the forms of all affidavits, interrogatories, writs, answers, oaths, orders, trials, judgments and other process and proceedings hereinbefore provided for cases of garnishment before judgment, with appropriate variations, shall apply to cases of garnishment after judgment; and all courts shall be liberal in allowing amendments, and in construing this chapter so as to promote the objects thereof.

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