Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31.294
Procedure for garnishment when another action pending.

Money, property, demands, debts, claims, choses in action and any other property which is subject to garnishment may be reached and subjected even though another action is pending thereon. If the other action is not pending in the court from which the garnishment issues, the court, on proof by the garnishee of the pendency of the other action, must stay such proceedings against such garnishee until notified that a final judgment has been rendered. Upon such notification the court shall make an appropriate order, according to the judgment, in favor of the defendant for the use of the plaintiff or in favor of the garnishee defendant. The judgment, if rendered against the garnishee, acquits the garnishee from all demands by the defendant for all money, property, goods, effects and credits paid, delivered or accounted for by the garnishee by force of such judgment.

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