Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31.360
Garnishee may retain or deduct amounts due to garnishee by either party; record of judgment to show any counterclaims allowed.

Every garnishee shall be allowed to retain or deduct out of the property, effects or credits of the defendant in the garnishee’s hands all demands against the plaintiff and all demands against the defendant of which the garnishee could have availed himself or herself if the garnishee had not been summoned as garnishee, whether the same are at the time due or not, and the garnishee shall be liable for the balance, only after all mutual demands between the garnishee and plaintiff and defendant are adjusted, not including unliquidated damages for wrongs and injuries; but the verdict or finding as well as the record of the judgment shall show in all cases against which party, and the amount thereof, any counterclaim shall be allowed, if any shall be allowed.

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