Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31.310
Property to be retained by garnishee or delivered to officer; effect of delivery; certificate of receipt of property.


Subject to order of the court, a garnishee defendant upon whom a writ of garnishment has been duly served shall not pay any debt due or to become due to the defendant and shall retain in the garnishee’s possession and control, or deliver to the sheriff as provided herein, all personal property, effects, goods, chattels, rights, debts, credits or choses in action of the defendant.


In all cases the garnishee, upon submitting the garnishee’s answers to the garnishee interrogatories, may deliver to the sheriff or the officer serving the writ the property belonging to the defendant, together with the money due to the defendant, and the sheriff or officer shall give the garnishee defendant a receipt therefor, and thereupon the garnishee is relieved from further liability in the proceedings, unless the garnishee’s answer is successfully controverted.


The sheriff or officer shall hold the property and money to be dealt with as provided in NRS 31.300 and shall, by certificate, make return to the court showing the receipt thereof specifically describing the money and property and setting forth the date and time of its receipt. The certificate forms a part of the return of the writ of garnishment.

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