Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31.350
Third person may be interpleaded as defendant; notice; proceedings.

When the answer of the garnishee discloses that any other person than the defendant claims the indebtedness or property in the garnishee’s hands, and the name and address of such claimant, the court shall, on motion and notice to all parties to the action including the garnishee defendant, order that such claimant be interpleaded as a defendant to the garnishee action; and that notice thereof, setting forth the facts, with a copy of such order, in such form as the court shall direct, be served upon the claimant, and that after such service shall have been made, the garnishee may pay or deliver to the officer or the clerk such indebtedness or property, and have a receipt therefor, which shall be a complete discharge from all liability to any party for the amount so paid or property so delivered. Such notice shall be served in the manner required for service of a summons in a civil action. Upon such service being made, such claimant shall be deemed a defendant to the garnishee action, and shall answer within 20 days, setting forth the claimant’s claim, or any defense which the garnishee might have made. In case of default, judgment may be rendered which shall conclude any claim upon the part of such defendant.

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