Nevada Domestic Relations
Sec. § 128.013
“Injury” defined.


“Injury” to a child’s health or welfare occurs when the parent, guardian or custodian:


Inflicts or allows to be inflicted upon the child, physical, mental or emotional injury, including injuries sustained as a result of excessive corporal punishment;


Commits or allows to be committed against the child, sexual abuse as defined in NRS 432B.100;


Neglects or refuses to provide for the child proper or necessary subsistence, education or medical or surgical care, although he or she is financially able to do so or has been offered financial or other reasonable means to do so; or


Fails, by specific acts or omissions, to provide the child with adequate care, supervision or guardianship under circumstances requiring the intervention of:


An agency which provides child welfare services; or


The juvenile or family court itself.


A child’s health or welfare is not considered injured solely because the child’s parent or guardian, in the practice of his or her religious beliefs, selects and depends upon nonmedical remedial treatment for the child, if such treatment is recognized and permitted under the laws of this State.
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