Nevada Commercial Instruments and Transactions
Sec. § 97.299
Forms for contracts and applications for credit: Adoption of regulations prescribing forms; contents; acceptance; translation into Spanish; amendment of forms.


The Commissioner of Financial Institutions shall prescribe, by regulation, forms for the application for credit and contracts to be used in the sale of vehicles if:


The sale involves the taking of a security interest to secure all or a part of the purchase price of the vehicle;


The application for credit is made to or through the seller of the vehicle;


The seller is a dealer; and


The sale is not a commercial transaction.


The forms prescribed pursuant to subsection 1 must meet the requirements of NRS 97.165, must be accepted and acted upon by any lender to whom the application for credit is made and, in addition to the information required in NRS 97.185 and required to be disclosed in such a transaction by federal law, must:


Identify and itemize the items embodied in the cash sale price, including the amount charged for a contract to service the vehicle after it is purchased.


In specifying the amount of the buyers down payment, identify the amounts paid in money and allowed for property given in trade and the amount of any manufacturers rebate applied to the down payment.


Contain a description of any property given in trade as part of the down payment.


Contain a description of the method for calculating the unearned portion of the finance charge upon prepayment in full of the unpaid total of payments as prescribed in NRS 97.225.


Contain a provision that default on the part of the buyer is only enforceable to the extent that:


The buyer fails to make a payment as required by the agreement; or


The prospect of payment, performance or realization of collateral is significantly impaired. The burden of establishing the prospect of significant impairment is on the seller.


Include the following notice in at least 10-point bold type:
Do not sign this agreement before you read it or if it contains any blank spaces. You are entitled to a completed copy of this agreement. If you pay the amount due before the scheduled date of maturity of the indebtedness and you are not in default in the terms of the contract for more than 2 months, you are entitled to a refund of the unearned portion of the finance charge. If you fail to perform your obligations under this agreement, the vehicle may be repossessed and you may be liable for the unpaid indebtedness evidenced by this agreement.


The Commissioner shall arrange for or otherwise cause the translation into Spanish of the forms prescribed pursuant to subsection 1.


If a change in state or federal law requires the Commissioner to amend the forms prescribed pursuant to subsection 1, the Commissioner need not comply with the provisions of chapter 233B of NRS when making those amendments.


As used in this section:


Commercial transaction means any sale of a vehicle to a buyer who purchases the vehicle solely or primarily for commercial use or resale.


Dealer has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 482.020.
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