Nevada Commercial Instruments and Transactions
Sec. § 97.235
Consolidated contracts; memoranda.


If retail installment purchases are made by a buyer from a seller, the subsequent retail installment purchases may, by agreement of the parties, be consolidated with a prior retail installment contract. The finance charge for the consolidated contract must not, however, exceed the aggregate of the finance charge for:


The original contract and any extension thereof by virtue of the consolidation; and


The subsequent installment purchase or purchases.


In the event of such a consolidation, in lieu of the buyers executing a retail installment contract respecting each subsequent purchase, it is sufficient if the seller prepares a written memorandum of each subsequent purchase, in which case the provisions of NRS 97.165, 97.175 and 97.185 do not apply. Unless previously furnished in writing to the buyer by the seller, by sales slip, memorandum or otherwise, the memorandum must set forth with respect to each subsequent purchase the items set forth in paragraphs (a) to (f), inclusive, of subsection 1 of NRS 97.185, and in addition:


The unpaid balance of the previous contract or contracts;


The consolidated unpaid balance;


The amount of the finance charge;


The consolidated total of payments; and


The revised installments applicable to the consolidated total of payments, if any, in accordance with NRS 97.185.
The seller shall deliver to the buyer a copy of the memorandum before the due date of the first installment of the consolidated contract.


When a subsequent purchase is made, the entire amount of all payments made previous thereto must be applied toward the payment of the previous time sale price or time sale prices. Each payment thereafter received must be allocated to all of the various time sale prices in the same ratio as the original cash sale prices of the various purchases bear to one another. However, the amount of any initial or down payment on the subsequent purchase must be allocated in its entirety to that purchase.


A retail installment contract may be contained in more than one document, if one such document is an original document signed by the retail buyer, stated to be applicable to purchases of goods or services to be made by the retail buyer from time to time. In that case the document, together with the sales slip, account book or other written statement relating to each purchase must set forth all of the information required by NRS 97.185 and constitutes the retail installment contract for each purchase. On each succeeding purchase pursuant to the original document, the sales slip, account book or other written statement may at the option of the seller constitute the memorandum required by this section.
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