Nevada Commercial Instruments and Transactions
Sec. § 97.105
“Retail installment contract” and “contract” defined.


Retail installment contract or contract means a contract, other than a retail charge agreement or an instrument reflecting a sale made pursuant thereto, entered into or performed in this state for a retail installment transaction.


The term includes a security agreement and a bailment contract or lease if the bailee or lessee contracts to pay as compensation for their use a sum substantially equivalent to or in excess of the value of the goods and if it is agreed that the bailee or lessee is bound to become or, without giving further substantial value, has the option of becoming the owner of the goods upon full compliance with the provisions of the bailment or lease.


The term does not include a bailment or lease of a vehicle where the lessee becomes or may become the owner of the vehicle by payment to the lessor of an amount which is substantially equal to the residual value or the unamortized capitalized cost, if the payment is not nominal.
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