Nevada Juvenile Justice

Sec. § 62B.600
Juvenile Justice Oversight Commission: Establishment; membership; terms of members; compensation; quorum; meetings.


The Juvenile Justice Oversight Commission is hereby established.


The Commission consists of the Governor or his or her designee and 25 members appointed by the Governor. The Governor shall appoint to the Commission:


Two members nominated by the Senate, who are not members of the Senate or public officers.


Two members nominated by the Assembly, who are not members of the Assembly or public officers.


Two members nominated by the Supreme Court, who are not judges, justices or public officers.


The Administrator of the Division of Child and Family Services or his or her designee.


The Deputy Administrator of Juvenile Services of the Division of Child and Family Services or his or her designee.


Three members who are directors of juvenile services, one each of whom must represent a county whose population:


Is less than 100,000.


Is 100,000 or more but less than 700,000.


Is 700,000 or more.


Two members who are district attorneys.


Two members who are public defenders.


One member who is a representative of a law enforcement agency.


Two members who are representatives of a nonprofit organization which provides programs to prevent juvenile delinquency.


One member who is a volunteer who works with children who have been adjudicated delinquent.


Six members who are under the age of 24 years at the time of appointment.


At least three of the persons appointed to the Commission pursuant to subsection 2 must be persons who are currently or were formerly subject to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.


Each appointed member serves a term of 2 years. Members may be reappointed for additional terms of 2 years in the same manner as the original appointments. Any vacancy occurring in the membership of the Commission must be filled in the same manner as the original appointment not later than 30 days after the vacancy occurs. Nine of the initial members of the Commission who are appointed pursuant to subsection 2 must be appointed to an initial term of 1 year. Each member of the Commission continues in office until his or her successor is appointed.


The members of the Commission serve without compensation but are entitled to receive the per diem allowance and travel expenses provided for state officers and employees generally.


A majority of the members of the Commission constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business, and a majority of a quorum present at any meeting is sufficient for any official action taken by the Commission.


A member of the Commission who is an officer or employee of this State or a political subdivision of this State must be relieved from his or her duties without loss of regular compensation to prepare for and attend meetings of the Commission and perform any work necessary to carry out the duties of the Commission in the most timely manner practicable. A state agency or political subdivision of this State shall not require an officer or employee who is a member of the Commission to:


Make up the time he or she is absent from work to carry out his or her duties as a member of the Commission; or


Take annual leave or compensatory time for the absence.


At the first meeting of the Commission and annually thereafter:


The Governor shall appoint a Chair of the Commission;


The Commission shall elect a Secretary from among its members; and


The Commission shall adopt rules for its own management and government.


The Commission shall:


Hold its first meeting within 60 days after all the initial appointments to the Commission are made pursuant to subsection 2; and


Meet at least once every 4 months and may meet at such further times as deemed necessary by the Chair.


As used in this section, “public officer” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 205.4627.

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