Nevada Juvenile Justice

Sec. § 62B.635
Establishment of evidence-based program resource center.


On or before September 1, 2017, the Division of Child and Family Services shall issue a request for proposals to establish an evidence-based program resource center.


The evidence-based program resource center shall:


Provide technical assistance to the Division of Child and Family Services, each department of juvenile services and treatment providers to support the implementation and operation of evidence-based programs and practices as set forth in the strategic plan developed by the Commission pursuant to NRS 62B.615;


Provide on a statewide basis to persons employed in the juvenile justice system training relating to:


The use of evidence-based programs and practices; and


The analysis of quality assurance protocols to ensure such programs meet the evidence-based standards developed by the Commission pursuant to NRS 62B.615;


Act as a clearinghouse for information and statewide resources on evidence-based programs and practices for children subject to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court;


Facilitate collaboration among state and local agencies and treatment providers to increase access to such providers; and


Provide support for the assessment of the implementation of evidence-based standards by such state and local agencies.

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