Nevada Animals
Sec. § 565.150
Seizure and disposal of animals by inspector when legal ownership cannot be determined.


Whenever, incident to any brand inspection under the provisions of this chapter, any inspector shall find in the possession of any persons offering animals for inspection any animals to which such person or persons cannot establish their legal ownership or right to possession, and the inspector shall be unable to determine by means of the brands or brands and marks on such animals, or otherwise, the actual legal owners of the animals, or, if in the judgment of the inspector such action is necessary to safeguard the legal owners of the animals, if known to the inspector, against their loss, the inspector shall immediately seize and take possession of such animals and proceed to dispose of the same, under the provisions of NRS 569.010 or 569.040 to 569.130, inclusive.


Such seizure and disposal by an inspector shall in no way relieve the persons in whose possession the animals were found of any civil or criminal liability arising out of the unlawful removal of such animals from the grazing commons or the unlawful possession of the same.
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