Nevada Animals
Sec. § 565.120
Brand inspection clearance certificate: Issuance upon completion of inspection; contents; disposition of copies of certificate.


Upon the completion of brand inspection, the inspector of the Department shall, except as otherwise provided in this chapter, issue a brand inspection clearance certificate on which must be entered:


The name and address of the person claiming to own the animals.


The proposed destination of the animals.


The name and address of the consignee.


A full description of all the animals inspected, including the number, kind, sex, age, color and the brands or brands and marks thereon.


The amount of the inspection fee or fees collected.


The signature of the owner or the owner’s authorized agent.


One copy of the brand inspection certificate must be delivered to the common carrier undertaking to transport the animals out of the brand inspection district for attachment to its waybill, or to the person intending to drive, move or otherwise transport the animals out of the brand inspection district other than by common carrier to accompany the animals to destination, and one copy must be immediately forwarded to the office of the Department.
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