Nevada Animals
Sec. § 565.140
Inspector to give notice to agricultural enforcement officer upon finding animals in possession of person who cannot establish legal ownership; contents of notice; investigation of findings.


Whenever, incident to any brand inspection under the provisions of this chapter, any inspector shall find in the possession of any person or persons offering animals for inspection any animals to which such person or persons cannot establish their legal ownership or right of possession and the inspector shall be able to determine by means of the brands or brands and marks on such animal or animals, or upon other reliable evidence, the actual legal owner or owners of such animal or animals, the inspector shall immediately notify an agricultural enforcement officer of the inspectors findings.


The inspector shall include in such notice:


The date and place where such animal or animals were found.


A full description of the same.


The name and address of any person or persons in whose possession they were found.


All other information which may aid the agricultural enforcement officer or the legal owner or owners of such animal or animals in securing the return thereof or compensation therefor, or in any civil suit or criminal prosecution relating thereto.


Upon receipt of the notice, the agricultural enforcement officer shall investigate the findings of the inspector and, as soon as practicable, provide notification of those findings to the legal owner or owners of such animal or animals.


As used in this section, agricultural enforcement officer has the meaning ascribed to it in regulations adopted by the Department.
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